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Almaden Films founder Shawn Flanagan has been producing feature films and shorts for over twenty years. After a one day stint working as an extra on the film THE RIGHT STUFF  (1983),  Flanagan began studying film and acting at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. He soon started working with Sean Donahue and Patrick G. Donahue (KILL SQUAD) of Bottom Line Studios. There he co-wrote, managed production, and co starred in four feature films starring Sean Donahue, Richard Lynch, Erik Estrada, Frank Stallone, Patrick G. Donahue and Ted Markland.

In 1997 Flanagan formed Almaden Films where he wrote, produced and directed twelve films, four of which premiered at the San Jose Cinequest film festival. In 2001 Flanagan won the Low Budget Genius Award for THE FRIGGIN' MAFIA MOVIE starring Richard Lynch, at the Silver Street film festival.In 2014 Flanagan co produced, directed and edited the reality TV Show, THE RIDGEWAYS.  In November 2017 Flanagan was nominated in two categories at the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards for Outstanding Producer and Outstanding Director for his work on JIMMY KENDRICK, a film he co wrote, co produced, shot, directed and edited. 

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Shawn Flanagan of Almaden Films is something of a pugilist, in a movie producing kind of way. He has shown the promise of an artist with wry humor, deep emotions and the ability to jab and move when up against powerful forces. He has a particularly creative sense of survival in the world of film where the word “budget” is but a blasphemous term meaning money crematory. - Karl Laucher, Campbell Times