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Moretti Brothers

Coming in 2022

Written by Shawn Flanagan and Willy Roland

Directed by Shawn Flanagan

Executive Producer Willy Roland

Director of Photography Travis Braz

Two cash strapped brothers reluctantly hit the road together, along with a joyous companion, in an effort to attend a wedding and a funeral, all while trying to evade a crazy gun wielding ex-girlfriend and her sidekick hitman.

Robert Miano - Moretti.jpeg

Robert Miano as Sal Carboni

Al in Vette - Motel.jpeg

John Roland is Al Moretti

Willy Diner.jpg

Willy Roland is Everett Moretti

Night Drive Darby and Angelo.jpeg

Judy Cerda and David Anthony Lewis, on the move

The Moretti Brothers - Poster 2 (1).jpeg
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